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How much media value do NBA Teams generate on social media?

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The NBA season has ended, and just like everyone expected, the Warriors have won their third title in the last 4 years and Social Media has once again gone crazy about it. In today’s omnichannel environment, sports signage and sponsorships often generate more value on social media than they do on TV. While it has always been quite easy for sponsors to track their logo impressions on TV (the games being often only broadcasted on a few channels), it is a lot more complicated on Social Media.

In fact, thousands of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts post about NBA Teams every single day, which makes it difficult to monitor the reach these posts get. Therefore, pricing partnerships with clubs and evaluating the media value on social media used to be everything but transparent. Luckily, there are new technologies emerging on the market that solve this problem. GumGum Sports for example has developed a new technology which works with computer vision, and is able to measure the real media value of sponsorships across the full spectrum of channels. Their solution makes use of an algorithm which scans through all the posts and evaluates a logo impression’s worth. The evaluation is made based on different factors like clarity, visibility, size and placement. It not only takes owned accounts in consideration, but also non-owned and players accounts.

Thanks to these new technologies, evaluating sponsorships has become a lot easier for rights holders, sponsors and agencies, but how good have NBA teams performed on Social Media, and how much media value have they generated for their sponsors during the last year?

Generated media value:

  1. Golden State Warriors – $53,2M
  2. Cleveland Cavaliers – $31.6M
  3. Boston Celtics – $24.5M
  4. Los Angeles Lakers – $13.1M
  5. Miami Heat – $11.3M
  6. Oklahoma City Thunder – $9.6M
  7. Toronto Raptors – $9.4M
  8. Philadelphia 76ers – $9.3M
  9. Houston Rockets – $8.5M
  10. New York Knicks – $6.9M
  11. San Antonio Spurs – $6.4M
  12. Milwaukee Bucks – $5.5M
  13. Chicago Bulls – $5M
  14. Utah Jazz – $4.6M
  15. New Orleans Pelicans – $3.8M
  16. Minnesota Timberwolves – $3.7M
  17. Washington Wizards – $3.2M
  18. Portland Trail Blazers – $3M
  19. Los Angeles Clippers – $2.5M
  20. Phoenix Suns – $2.3M
  21. Brooklyn Nets – $2.3M
  22. Atlanta Hawks – $2.2M
  23. Denver Nuggets – $2M
  24. Detroit Pistons – $2M
  25. Charlotte Hornets – $1.6M
  26. Dallas Mavericks – $1.5M
  27. Orlando Magic – $1.5M
  28. Indiana Pacers – $1.4M
  29. Sacramento Kings – $1.4M
  30. Memphis Grizzlies – $0.8M

Source: GumGum Sports

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